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If you’re anxious about upcoming travel plans, put your mind at ease. Reach out to the team at Graceful In Home Healthcare, LLC today. We offer exceptional travel companion services in Lincoln, NE. If you or a loved one are struggling with a health condition or just feeling the debilitating effects of old age, we’ll help you take the stress out of traveling.

We can assist you with travel to and from all 50 states. Call 402-387-7933 now to discuss your flight plans with a caring travel companion.

3 benefits of hiring a travel companion

3 benefits of hiring a travel companion

Graceful In Home Healthcare is a reliable companion care provider in Lincoln, NE. You can trust us to make flying to your destination as simple for you as possible. When you hire us, we’ll:

  1. Assist with baggage check, security and boarding your flight
  2. Accompany you or your loved on the plane and take care of all your in-flight needs
  3. Take care of any in-airport transportation requirements

Don’t wait any longer to speak with us about your upcoming travel plans. Call today to learn more about the benefits of choosing Graceful In Home Healthcare.

Are you looking for a professional travel companion to provide travel assistance during your trip?

  • Personal Assistant Traveling
  • Safe Travel Chaperone
  • Child Travel Companion
  • Disabled Travel Companion
  • Elderly Travel Companion
  • Impaired Travel Companion
  • Medical Travel Companion